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Web Frameworks Web Frameworks E-Learning Kurs
Web Frameworks E-Learning Kurs
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Web Frameworks E-Learning Kurs

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Web Frameworks E-learning Training

Order this amazing, award-winning Web Frameworks E-learning Training course online, 1 year 24/7 access to extensive interactive videos, speeches, hands-on tasks and progress monitoring. After the course you will receive a certificate of attendance.


Developing Azure and Web Services: Introduction
Course: 1 Hour, 7 Minutes

Defining Distributed Applications
Describing the Features of Cloud Computing
Recognizing the Benefits of Cloud Computing
Identifying the Benefits of Using Microsoft Azure
Describing the Azure Cloud Service Components
Describing Data Storage Strategies and Technologies
Determining Data Access Technologies
Comparing ASP.NET Web API and WCF for Data Access
Identifying the Data Access Technologies of .NET
Describing the ADO.NET Data Access API
Creating and Configuring a Data Provider
Describing the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)
Identifying the HTTP URI and Action Methods
Working with HTTP Headers and Media Types
Describing ASP.NET Services
Describing the Windows Communication Foundation
Recognizing which Web Service Platform to Use
Exercise: Use Data Access Interfaces

Developing Azure and Web Services: Entity Framework
Course: 1 Hour, 58 Minutes

Describing the Entity Framework Data Model
Creating and Configuring an Entity DB Context
Using Entity Data Annotations
Describing Entity Type Inheritance
Using Type Inheritance
Working with Data Modeling
Define Language Integrated Query (LINQ)
Using LINQ to Entities to Query a Database
Performing Queries Using Entity SQL
Building Queries That Use Deferred Execution
"Implementing Lazy Loading and Eager Loading
Creating and Running Compiled Queries
Executing SQL Queries Directly
Performing CRUD Operations Using Entity
Using Change Tracking with Entity
Using Transactions with Entity
Logging Queries and DB Commands
Implementing Entity Framework Using MySQL
Implementing Entity Framework Using SQLite
Designing Strategy to Target Multiple Databases
Exercise: Model Data with Entity

Developing Azure and Web Services: IIS & Web Services
Course: 1 Hour, 9 Minutes

Recognizing the Benefits of IIS
Installing and Configuring IIS
Creating and Hosting an ASP.NET Web API
Creating an OWIN Based Web App
Configuring and Using Logs to Troubleshoot IIS
Troubleshooting IIS Using Performance Counters
Distinguishing between Synchronous and Asynchronous
Performing Synchronous Operations with ADO.NET
Performing Asynchronous Operations with ADO.NET
Using Asynchronous Operations with Entity
Designing a Web API Service
Creating Routing Rules
Creating a Controller
Binding Parameters
Using SignalR for Real-time Web
Exercise: Use IIS for Web Services

Developing Azure and Web Services: Consuming Services
Course: 1 Hour, 11 Minutes

Consuming a Service from a Web Browser
Consuming a Service using HttpClient
Using a Request Batch to Reduce Requests
Handling Exceptions in Service Requests
Securing a Service with HTTPS and Authentication
Using Authentication to secure a Web Service
Handling Dependencies in ASP.NET Services
Using the ASP.NET Dependency Resolver
Describing the ASP.NET Web API Pipeline
Creating a Pipeline Process
Adding filters to a Pipeline Process
Creating an Asynchronous Action
Using Filters to extend Authentication
Describing the Open Data Protocol Service
Creating an OData Queryable Action
Extending an OData Query
Consuming an OData Service
Exercise: creating Services for Consumption

Developing Azure and Web Services: Azure Services
Course: 1 Hour, 5 Minutes

Installing the Azure SDK and Emulator
Describing Azure Cloud Service Roles
Hosting a Web App in Azure
Comparing Self-hosting to Azure Hosting
Describing the Azure Service Bus
Describing the Request-response Relay Pattern
Creating a Service Bus Namespace
Using a WCF Service Relay Binding
Creating a Relay Sender and Receiver
Describing Azure Service Bus Queues
Setting up an Azure Service Bus Queue
Creating a Queue using C#
Preventing Queue Message Duplication
Using the Azure Queue to Send a Message
Receiving a Message Using Azure Queues
Using Sessions to Group Messages
Exercise: Using the Azure Service Bus

Developing Azure and Web Services: Azure Storage
Course: 1 Hour, 17 Minutes

Describing the Three Azure Storage Services
Creating an Azure Storage Account
Describing Azure Blob Storage
Azure SQL and Cosmos DB
Creating a Blob Storage Container
Reading and Writing to Block Blob Storage
Reading and Writing to Page Blob Storage
Manipulating Blob Data in a Container
Using Retry Policies
Comparing Table Storage to Databases
Creating and Deleting a Table
Creating an Entity Structure in .NET
Querying Data from a Table
Comparing Azure Queues to Service Bus Queues
Creating and Deleting Queues with .NET
Adding Messages to a Queue
Retrieving Messages from a Queue
Understanding Azure Files
Creating File Shares in Azure Files
Understanding Azure File Sync
Exercise: Using Azure Storage

Developing Azure and Web Services: Messaging, Security, and Troubleshooting
Course: 1 Hour, 2 Minutes

Azure Subscription-based Messaging
Creating an Azure Service Bus Topic
Using a Filter to Manage Messages
Sending a Message to a Topic
Receiving a Subscription Message
Working with Claims-based Identity
Windows Identity Foundation
Implementing Claims-based Identity
Setting Access Levels for Blob Containers
Shared Access Signatures
Using Shared Access Signatures
Windows Azure Diagnostics
Monitoring the Azure App Suspend
Logging Azure Storage Requests
Configuring Azure Diagnostics in Visual Studio
Collecting and Viewing Diagnostics with VS
Exercise: Use Azure Security and Troubleshooting

Developing Azure and Web Services: Advanced Deployment
Course: 1 Hour, 18 Minutes

Continuous Delivery
Configuring Continuous Delivery
Using Web Deployment Parameters
Using Shared Assemblies for Shared Hosting
Configuring Share Assemblies
Upgrading Domains on Azure
Configuring Web Deployment Using Visual Studio
Creating an IIS Web Deployment Package
Deploying an IIS Web Deployment Package
Deploying from the Command Line
Deploying Using PowerShell
Deploying a Service to Azure Cloud Services
Deploying a Service to Azure Web Sites
Configuring WCF Endpoints for Azure Deployment
Deploying to Staging
Exercise: Deployments on Azure Cloud

Developing Azure and Web Services: Diagnostics, Debugging, and ACS
Course: 1 Hour, 6 Minutes

Using Tracing
Using TraceSource
Configuring a Trace Listener
Tracing Using ASP.NET
Tracing with WCF
Using IntelliTrace
Using Azure Metrics
Interpreting Azure Web Site Metrics
Using Azure Storage Metrics
The Windows Azure Access Control Service
Managing Identities Independently
Active and Passive Federation
Integrating ACS with ASP.NET
Configuring ACS and Service Bus Endpoints
Understanding Elastic Database Client Library
Exercise: Troubleshoot Azure

Developing Azure and Web Services: Azure Scalability
Course: 1 Hour, 11 Minutes

Defining Scalability
Scaling Architecture
Working with Load Balancing
Scaling out with Azure
Describing Redis Caching
Caching Static Data and Cache Policy
Implementing Cache Based on File Dependency
Using SqlCacheDependency
Setting Up Redis Database Service in Azure
Redis Azure Access Control
Redis Settings and Sizing
Configuring Redis Cache
Distributed Caching
Defining Content Delivery Networks
The Azure AppFabric Cache
Defining the AppFabric Cache Components
Using the AppFabric Cache API
Exercise: Scaling and Caching with Azure

Developing Azure and Web Services: API Management and Monitoring
Course: 38 Minutes

Using OAuth with Azure Active Directory
Azure API Management Policies
Log Collection and Metric Evaluation
Demo Logs and Metrics Using Azure Event Hubs
Stream Analytics and Machine Learning
Monitoring and Troubleshooting Web Services

Developing Azure and Web Services: Deployment Strategy
Course: 46 Minutes

Deploying Web Applications to Containers
Designing Continuous Deployment Pipelines
Deploying Using Cloud Sync
Determining Appropriate Service
Creating Staging Environments
Configuring Upgrade Domain
Configuring Input and Internal Endpoints
Operating System Configuration
Implementing ARM Templates to Customize Deployment
Deploying to Azure Stack

Developing Azure and Web Services: Configuring Web Applications for Deployment
Course: 44 Minutes

Switching to Debug Mode
Transforming Configuration Files
Configuring Azure Configuration Settings
Configuring Azure Key Vault for Application Secrets
Configuring Deployment Credentials and App Service
Creating and Configuring NuGet Package
Installing and Updating Existing NuGet Packages
Resolve Versioning Conflict Issues
Connecting to Local Repository Cache for NuGet
Manage NuGet Dependencies

Developing Azure and Web Services: Working with Assemblies
Course: 19 Minutes

Enabling Assemblies Across Multiple Servers
Strong Naming
Deploying Assemblies to Global Assembly Cache
Enabling Assembly Versioning
Configuring Assembly Binding Redirects
Working with Cross-platform Libraries
Exercise: Cross-platform Targeting

Developing Azure and Web Services: Web API Services
Course: 1 Hour

Host Web APIs in IIS
Self-Hosting Web API
Host Web API in Kestrel
Host Services in Windows Azure Web App
Host Services in Windows and Linux Containers
Configure Host Servers for Streaming
Work with Hosting Environments
Handle Retry Logic
Implement Content Negotiation
Use Swagger to Construct URIs and Payloads
Use AutoRest to Build Clients

Developing Azure and Web Services: Hosting Web APIs
Course: 51 Minutes

Host Web APIs in IIS
Self-Hosting Web API
Host Web API in Kestrel
Host Services in Windows Azure Web App
Host Services in Windows and Linux Containers
Configure Host Servers for Streaming
Work with Hosting Environments
Handle Retry Logic
Implement Content Negotiation
Use Swagger to Construct URIs and Payloads
Use AutoRest to Build Clients

Developing Azure and Web Services: Managing Data
Course: 1 Hour, 2 Minutes

Creating WCF Data Services
Addressing Resources
Implementing Filtering Using the Filter Operator
Creating Query Expressions
Payload Formats
Using the Format Operator
Using ChangeInterceptors
Using QueryInterceptors
Understanding WCF Data Service Versioning
Implementing Entity Framework Provider
Implementing Reflection Provider
Web Hosting a Data Service
Self-Hosting WCF Services
Using Actions to Implement Server-Side Behavior
Exercise: Use WCF Services

Developing Azure & Web Services: WCF Transactions & Services
Course: 28 Minutes

Distributed Transactions
Configuring Contracts and Binding
Adding Transactions to Services
Using Transactions in Clients
Using Service Proxies with Visual Studio
Generating Proxies Using SvcUtil
Creating and Configuring Bindings for WCF Services
Configuring WCF Services with Configuration Settings
Using Service Proxies with ChannelFactory


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