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iOS Fundamentals of iOS 11 E-Learning Kurse
Fundamentals of iOS 11 E-Learning Kurse
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Fundamentals of iOS 11 E-Learning Kurse

Marke: iOS
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Fundamentals of iOS 11 E-Learning Kurse

Bestellen Sie diesen großartigen Elearning-Kurs Fundamentals of iOS 11 E-Learning Kurse, 1 Jahr rund um die Uhr Zugriff auf umfangreiche interaktive Videos, Reden, praktische Aufgaben, Fortschrittsüberwachung durch Berichte und Tests pro Proband, um das Wissen direkt zu testen. Dieses E-Learning ist von sehr hoher Qualität. Entwickelt von zertifizierten Lehrern. Im Learning Portal (LMS) Fortschrittsberichte und nach> 70% des Kurses eine Teilnahmebescheinigung.


iOS 11: Setting Up & Using your iPad

iOS 11 brings new features and apps

to your iPad. Master your iPad's touch gestures and virtual

keyboard, customize your theme, widgets, and notifications, and use

your home and lock screens, as well as the new Control Center and

Files app.

iOS 11: Installing & Managing your iPad Apps

The App Store gives you access to a

huge number of apps for your iPad. Discover how to find, download,

and install the app you're looking for, manage your device's

installed apps, and use the multitasking tools in iOS 11.

iOS 11: Using your iPad Communication Tools

iOS 11 for iPad offers a full suite

of communication tools. Discover how to manage your address book,

send and receive emails, and make Facetime calls with a minimum of


iOS 11: Using the iPad Notes & Calendar Tools

Keep your life in order with your

iPad's notes and calendar tools for iOS 11. Create notes, add

events to your calendar, and set up reminders to help you stay


iOS 11: Using Safari for iPad

Surfing the web is easy with Safari

for iOS 11. All the tools you need are here, including touch

gesture browsing, multi-tab surfing, and website


iOS 11: Using the iPad Camera & Photo Tools

iOS 11

iOS 11: Listening to Music & Podcasts on your iPad

Whether you want to listen to the

newest tunes or catch up on that latest podcast everyone's talking

about, iOS 11 has you covered. Browse your music library, create

playlists, and download tracks and episodes of your favorite


iOS 11: Finding and Sharing Information with your iPad

With iOS 11 and Siri, your virtual

assistant, all the information you need is at your fingertips.

Learn to control your device with your voice, pull up and share

information in the blink of an eye, and customize how Siri


iOS 11: Using the Maps Application

Never be lost again with the Maps

application for iOS 11. Get directions wherever you are, pull up

data on your surroundings, and save your favorite locations and


iOS 11: Customizing your iPad Settings

Configuring and customizing your

iPad couldn't be easier with the iOS 11 Settings and Control

Center. Toggle connectivity features, optimize your device's

battery life, and activate accessibility tools to improve your iOS

11 experience.

iOS 11: Protecting & Backing Up your Data

Protecting your personal data is

essential in this ultra-connected world. Discover how to manage

your Apple account, put in place powerful security measures, stop

apps from harvesting your personal and geographic data, and reset

your iPad.

iOS 11: Using iOS for iPhone

iOS 11 for iPhone offers a new user

experience on your iPhone. Discover new touch gestures, how to use

your phone's messaging and call tools, and how to share your data

with other devices. Explore the new Health application and SOS


iOS 11: Using iOS for iPad Pro

iOS 11 brings a wealth of additional

features to your iPad Pro. Find out how to multitask like a pro,

control your device with the Smart Keyboard, and use the Apple

Pencil to create notes, annotate files, and sign


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Studiengebühr: 1 Stunden Dauer plus Übungen (variabel)
Sprache: Englisch
Online-Zugang: 1 Jahr
Teilnahmebescheinigung: Ja, nach 70% der erfolgreichen Einsätze
Fortschrittsüberwachung: Ja
Geeignet für Handys: Ja
Preisgekröntes E-Learning: Ja
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