Microsoft Azure AZ-203 Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure OEM Certkit
AZ-203 Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure OEM Certkit
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Microsoft Azure

AZ-203 Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure OEM Certkit

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AZ-203 Entwickeln von Lösungen für Microsoft Azure E-Learning ✓ Zertifizierte Lehrer-Quiz ✓ Online-Mentor ✓ MeasureUp-Testprüfung ✓ Live Labs ✓ Tipps und Tricks ✓ Zertifikat

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AZ-203 Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure E-Learning Ausbildung

Das Ausbildung AZ-203 Entwickeln von Lösungen für Microsoft Azure über ein spezielles Zertifizierungspaket. 1 Jahr Zugang zu revolutionärem E-Learning, um die Prüfung problemlos zu bestehen. Machen Sie sich mit dem Lernen über 1 Learning Portal (LMS) mit zertifizierten Lehrern vertraut. Exklusive Online-Mentoren rund um die Uhr und anspruchsvolle Kurstests und hinter den Kulissen Alle Tipps und Tricks anzeigen.
Garantiert immer die offizielle Testprüfung und eine offizielle Teilnahmebescheinigung nach dem Training. Optionale Livelabs (zusätzliche Kosten).


Azure Developer: Azure Cloud Technology Solutions

Course: 1 Hour, 18 Minutes

Application Architecture Styles
N-tier Applications
Microservices and Web-queue-workers
CQRS and Event Driven Architecture
Compute Services in Azure
SelectionCriteria for Right Compute
Azure Application Design Principles
Impementing Azure Scalaibity
Azure Data Architecture
Cloud Development Challenges
Azure Essential Design Patterns
API Design and Implementation
Creating and Testing APIs With .NET
Configure Autoscaling for Azure Solutions
Azure Monitor Auto Scaling
Exercise: Work with Compute Instance and API

Azure Developer: Common Application Design & Connectivity Patterns

Course: 59 Minutes

Azure Cloud Design Patterns
The Ambassador Pattern
The Backends for Front-end Pattern
The Bulkhead Pattern
Anti-corruption Layer
Cache-Aside Pattern for Data Load Management
Circuit Breaker Pattern for Fault Handling
CQRS Pattern
Compensating Transaction and Competing Consumer
Compute Resource Consolidating Pattern
Event Sourcing Pattern
Federated Identity Pattern
Gatekeeper and Gateway Pattern
Gateway Routing and Gateway Offloading
Leader Election Pattern
Exercise: Work with Application Gateway

Azure Developer: Storage Solutions

Course: 1 Hour, 4 Minutes

Big Data
Data Transfer Mechanism in Azure
Physical Transport Mechanism in Azure
Tools for Data Transfer in Azure
AZCopy,ADLCopy and Distcp
Using Azure Storage Explorer
Using Azure Data factory
Key Selection Criteria
Storage Solutions in Azure
Azure Disk Storage
Azure Blob Storage
Archive Storage
Using File Storage
Using Queue Storage
Using Avere vFXT for Azure
Selection Criteria for Storage
Caching Principles and Patterns
Securing Data Solutions
Exercise: Work with File Store

Azure Developer: Storage Tables

Course: 52 Minutes

Features of Storage Table
Storage Table Architecture
Create an Azure Storage table in the Azure portal
Table Design Guidelines and Patterns
Intra and Inter-partition Patterns
Index Entities Pattern
Denormalization Pattern
Data Series Pattern
Entity Patterns
The High Volume SDelete Pattern
Eventually Consistent Transaction Pattern
Design for Query and Data Modeling
Design for Data Modification
Relationship Modeling in Azure
Using The Azure Storage Emulator
Exercise: Work with Storage Emulator and Entity

Azure Developer: File Storage Solutions

Course: 34 Minutes

Azure Files
Azure File Shares
Using an Azure File Share with Windows
Server Registration with Azure File Sync
Sharing Snapshots for Azure Files
Managing Azure File Sync Endpoints
Develop Azure Files Apps with .NET
Troubleshooting Azure Files Problems in Windows
Using Storage Migration Service
Exercise: Work with Azure File Share

Azure Developer: Cosmos DB Storage Solutions

Course: 1 Hour, 7 Minutes

Azure Cosmos DB Capabilities
Azure Cosmos DB and Traditional Storage
Azure Cosmos DB .NET Web Applications
Global Data Distribution
Manage Consistency Levels in Cosmos DB
High Availability using Cosmos DB
Azure Cosmos DB Manual Failover
Azure Cosmos DB Containers
Query Containers in Azure Cosmos DB
Azure Cosmos DB Data query
Index Management in Cosmos DB Using Azure Portal
Cosmos DB Object Creation
Monitoring and Debugging Cosmos DB
IP Firewall Configuration for Azure Cosmos DB
Configuring Service Endpoints for Cosmos DB
Exercise: Work with Comos DB

Azure Developer: Relational Database Solutions

Course: 58 Minutes

RDBMS Capabilities of Azure
OLTP Implementation and Challenges
Azure SQL Database
SQL Server in an Azure Virtual Machine
Azure Database for MySQL
Data Warehouse and Data Mart
Data Warehouse in Azure
Azure OLAP Capabilities
Implement OLAP Using Azure Analysis Server
Implementing ETL
Implement REST Using .NET
Static and Dynamic Data Masking
Implement Dynamic Data Masking
Exercise: Work with SQL Server Database

Azure Developer: Blob Storage Solutions

Course: 49 Minutes

Features of Blob Storage
Blob Storage and .NET Object Storage
Azure Blob Storage Lifecycle
Managing Azure Blob Storage with Storage Explorer
Search Blob Storage with Azure Search
Host Static Websites in Azure Storage
.NET Client Namespaces for Blob Management
Microsoft Azure Storage Data Movement Library
Uploading Files and Directories to Blob Storage
Track Data Transfers
Copy Files from URL to Blob Storage
Copy from Blob Storage to Blob Storage
Exercise: Work with Blob storage

Azure Developer: Caching & Content Delivery Solutions

Course: 32 Minutes

Content Delivery Networks
Best Practices for Using CDN
CDN Challenges
Azure Redis Cache Configuration
Data Storage Using Azure Redis Cache
Best Practices for Azure Redis
Troubleshoot Azure Redis Cache
Configure ASP.NET Session State in Cache
Exercise: Working with CDN

Azure Developer: PaaS Web Applications

Course: 58 Minutes

Web Application Types in Azure
Create Static HTML Sites
Create .NET Framework Web Applications
Create and Publish Windows Containers in Azure
Benefits of Using Azure App Service Web Apps
Host RESTful API with CQRS
Authenticate Users in Azure App Service
Add Azure CDN to an Azure App Service Web App
Create an Azure Endpoint
Control Caching Behavior
CORS Concepts
Web Jobs in Azure App Service
Swagger Benefits
Exercise: Working with Azure Web Applications
Expertise Level: Intermediate
Expertise Level: Intermediate

Azure Developer: Creating Mobile Apps

Course: 58 Minutes

Mobile App Architecture in Azure
Mobile App Features in Azure
Azure App Service Features for Mobile Apps
Creating Android App Using Azure
Creating Apache Cordova App in Azure
Creating iOS App in Azure
Creating Azure Mobile App
Cloud-based Backend Service for Xamarin.Android
Continuous Deployment to Azure App Service
Enterprise Push Architecture
Using Notification Hub
Enable Offline Sync
Exercise: Working with Azure Mobile Apps

Azure Developer: Working with Azure Logic Apps

Course: 44 Minutes

Enterprise Integration on Azure
Azure Service Logic App Features
Automated Workflow with Azure Logic Apps
Azure Logic Apps using Visual Studio
Connectors in Azure Logic App
Serverless Deployment with Azure Logic App
ARM Template for Deploying Logic Apps
Monitoring Azure Logic Apps
Auto Deployment of Azure Logic Apps
Exercise: Working with Azure Logic Apps

Azure Developer: Azure Batch & Scheduling Bulk Operations

Course: 44 Minutes

Enterprise Integration on Azure
Azure Service Logic App Features
Automated Workflow with Azure Logic Apps
Azure Logic Apps using Visual Studio
Connectors in Azure Logic App
Serverless Deployment with Azure Logic App
ARM Template for Deploying Logic Apps
Monitoring Azure Logic Apps
Auto Deployment of Azure Logic Apps
Exercise: Working with Azure Logic Apps

Azure Developer: Media Services Solutions

Course: 26 Minutes

Azure Media Services
Encoding and Streaming Videos
Analyzing Content Using Insights.json
Components for Live Streams
Analyzing Videos with Media Services v3 Using APIs
Creating an Azure Media Services Account Using CLI
Exercise: Working with Azure Media Service

Azure Developer: Working with Azure Service Fabric

Course: 59 Minutes

Features of Azure Service Fabric
Microservices vs. Monolithic Service Approach
Service Fabric Layered Architecture
Service Fabric Programming Model
Service Fabric and Container
Application Modeling in Service Fabric
Azure Service Fabric Hosting Model
Service Fabric Cluster
Azure AD Authentication
Service Fabric Explorer
Log Analytics for Clusters
Actors Project and Service Fabric
Reliable Collections Fabric Stateful Services
Exercise: Working with Service Fabric Cluster

Azure Developer: Working With Azure Functions

Course: 37 Minutes

Azure Functions Runtime Features
Azure Functions Development
Functions with Azure Logic Ap
Serverless API and Azure Functions
OpenAPI Definition For Functions
Triggers and Bindings for Azure Functions
Unstructured Data and Azure Functions
Developing Azure Functions with Visual Studio
Disabling Functions in Azure Functions
Exercise: Working with Azure Functions App

Azure Developer: Kubernetes Service Solutions

Course: 42 Minutes

Understanding Kubernetes
Kubernetes Components and Architecture
Azure Kubernetes Features and Benefits
Deploying Azure Kubernetes Service Cluster
Azure Dev with AKS
Scaling Applications in Azure Kubernetes Service
Security Concept for AKS
Auto-scaling Architectures for AKS
Common Issues and Troubleshooting AKS
Exercise: Working with AKS Cluster

Azure Developer: Implementing Authentication & Access Control

Course: 58 Minutes

Azure Security Features
Cloud Security and Responsibility Zones
Security Services and Technologies of Azure
Access Using RBAC and Azure Portal 4
Deny Assignments
Application Types and Security Mechanisms
Azure Active Directory Architecture
OpenID and Oauth
SAML and WS-Federation
Azure Active Directory Connected Services
NuGet Security Packages
Creating Azure AD Application and Service Principal
Restricting Applications to Sets of Users
Authorization in WebApp Using Azure AD
Azure Multi-factor Authentication
Implementing Azure MFA Verification
Exercise: Working with Azure Active Directory

Azure Developer: Implementing Secure Data Solutions

Course: 31 Minutes

Azure Data Security Features
Azure Database Security Best Practices
Firewall Rules for Database Access Restriction
Azure Database Security Checklist
Azure Data Encryption-at-Rest
Azure Disk Encryption
Azure Storage Capabilities
Exercise: Securing Data and Databases in Azure

Azure Developer: Advanced Scalability Using Azure

Course: 43 Minutes

Elastic Pools for Azure SQL Database
Blob Leasing
Data Archiving and Retention
Autoscaling Rules
Implement Autoscaling Rules and Patterns
Transient Faults
Partitioning Schemes
Setting Up Partitioning Schemes
Properties and Metadata of Schemes
Exercise: Azure Virtual Machine Scaling

Azure Developer: Advanced Security & Integration Using Azure Services

Course: 46 Minutes

Managed Identities for Azure Resources
Implement Managed Identities for Azure Resources
Claims-Based Access Control
Role-Based Access Control
Shared Access Signatures
Application Insights
Implement Application Insights Web Test and Alerts
Azure Event Grid
Azure Event Hub
Azure Service Bus
Custom Connector for Logic Apps
Custom Template for Logic Apps
Exercise: Work with Templates for Azure Logic Apps

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