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Java 1Z0-816 Java SE 11 Programmer II E-Learning  Kurs
1Z0-816 Java SE 11 Programmer II E-Learning Kurs
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1Z0-816 Java SE 11 Programmer II E-Learning Kurs

Marke: Java
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1Z0-816 Java SE 11 Programmer II E-learning

Order this unique Elearning 1Z0-816 Java SE 11 Programmer II online, 1 year 24/7 access to rich interactive videos, speech, progress monitoring through reports and tests per chapter to directly test the knowledge.


1Z0-806 - Java SE 11 Programmer II: Fundamentals

Explore Java SE 11 and its language enhancements, the Shebang mechanism, and key features. Discover how to create and run simple executable Java programs, as well as how to create, import, and manipulate packages and strings. How to declare and initialize variables, work with local variable type inference, transform null or empty strings into an empty optional, and execute Single-File Source-Code programs is also covered.

1Z0-806 - Java SE 11 Programmer II: Arrays & Program Flow Control

Explore the structure of Java classes, as well as how to work with Java control statements, Java operators, and loops. Discover how to declare, instantiate, initialize, and work with one-dimensional array, two-dimensional array, and Java objects. Finally, how to read and write to object fields and manipulate data with the StringBuilder class is also covered.

1Z0-806 - Java SE 11 Programmer II: Object-oriented Programming in Java

Discover object-oriented programming (OOP) basics including how to create methods, overloaded methods, constructors with arguments, subclasses, and superclasses in Java. Examine how to extend abstract classes, apply the static keyword to methods and fields, apply access modifiers, apply encapsulation principles to classes, enable polymorphism, and use polymorphism to cast and call methods.

1Z0-806 - Java SE 11 Programmer II: Fundamental Language Enhancements

Explore the differences between overloading, overriding, and hiding, as well as the differences between class inheritance and interface inheritance. Examine checked and unchecked exceptions and errors, along with the characteristics of Modular JDK in Java SE 11. In addition, discover how to create interfaces and try-catch blocks, create and invoke methods throwing exceptions, and work with list instances, ArrayList instances and Lambda expressions.

1Z0-806 - Java SE 11 Programmer II: Core JVM Enhancements and Features

Explore the concept of HotSpot, how to control JVM compilation with compiler directives, the changes introduced in JDK 11, and the performance enhancements in Oracle’s HotSpot Virtual Machine. Examine the role of class data sharing and the features of Native Memory Tracking. How to write directives to control compilation, transform null or empty strings into empty optional, and work with Java SE 11 nest-based access control is also covered.

1Z0-806 - Java SE 11 Programmer II: Core Java Libraries

Explore the features, libraries, and process APIs introduced in JDK 11. Discover how to work with Java serialization filters, the jdeprscan tool, and streams. In addition, how to create pattern-based filters, custom filters, and unmodifiable collections, and how to work with processes and retrieve process information is also covered.

1Z0-806 - Java SE 11 Programmer II: Class Concepts & Managing Exceptions

Explore how to compile and run modular projects, the semantics of anonymous classes, attributes and methods of Enum class, and exception handling mechanisms in Java SE 11. Discover how to declare and enable access between modules, and also how to create and use final classes, anonymous classes, custom exception classes, nested classes, the AssertionError class, and Enumeration in Java SE 11.

1Z0-806 - Java SE 11 Programmer II: Generics & Collections in Java

Explore the concepts of Generics and Collections in Java, including different types of Generics, the Collections framework, implementations of Adapter and Map interfaces, features of concurrent implementations, and custom collection development. Discover how to create and use interfaces with default and private methods, simplify programs with Wrapper classes, and manage objects with boxing and unboxing. Working with diamond notation, NavigableSet, ConcurrentMap, ConcurrentNavigableMap, and marker interfaces is also covered.

1Z0-806 - Java SE 11 Programmer II: Functional Programming in Java

Explore implementations of comparable subinterfaces, the features of the Collator and RuleBasedCollator classes, the rules of functional interfaces and their role in functional programming, and the structure and syntax of building Lambda expressions. Discover how to work with the Comparator and Comparable interfaces, RuleBasedCollator, convenience factory methods and functional interfaces, as well as how to create and work with Lambda expressions and Lambda statements in Java SE 11.

1Z0-816 - Java SE 11 Programmer II: Streams & Pipelines

Explore streams and the Stream APIs, the differences between collections and streams, the structure of stream operations and pipelines, and methods of Stream interface in Java SE 11. Discover how to create basic streams and apply methods on them, apply reduction on parallel operations to manage concurrency, use the StreamSupport class to create low-level streams, and prevent interference when executing stream pipelines.

1Z0-806 - Java SE 11 Programmer II: Lambda Operations & Streams

Explore the java.util.function package interfaces, the roles of the Predicate, Consumer, Function, and Supplier interfaces, approaches for searching Stream data, and Optional class methods. Discover how to work with Lambda expressions, method references, and Function package interfaces, as well as how to extract, search, and match Stream data using the Stream API. How to implement calculations using the count, max, min, average and sum Stream operations is also covered.

1Z0-806 - Java SE 11 Programmer II: Implementing NIO.2

Explore the concept of NIO.2, implementing buffers, the attributes and methods of Path and File classes, and the channels supporting asynchronous I/O operations. Discover how to perform file I/O operations, manage metadata and walk a file tree using NIO.2, watch for changes in directories, use asynchronous datagram channels and multicasting, and implement completion handlers. Using the new java.nio.file.files class methods that were added in the in Java SE 11 is also covered.

1Z0-806 - Java SE 11 Programmer II: Java Migration & Service Management

Explore cyclic dependency, the different types and components of services, service design and development, and service provider deployment as modules. Discover how to migrate from Java SE 9 to Java SE 11, run modularized applications, use JDeps, obtain service loaders, create worker threads, work with java.util.concurrent collections and classes, and write thread-safe code.

1Z0-806 - Java SE 11 Programmer II: Concurrency Management

Explore threading problems, the different states of threads, and concurrency management packages, synchronization classes, memory consistency properties. Examine the the Executor interface, classes that can be used to provision tuneable thread pools, and the exceptions that can be thrown while working with concurrency. How to use the CountDownLatch and CyclicBarrier classes, use the ForkJoinPool and ForkJoinTask methods, and work with the TimeUnit enum is also covered.

1Z0-806 - Java SE 11 Programmer II: Secure Coding in Java SE 11 Applications

Explore data integrity guidelines, how to enable accessibility and extensibility in Java applications, and how to handle input validation and mutability. Examine Java Cryptography Architecture, the Engine classes provided by JCA, and capabilities of the Provider class. Discover how to prevent Denial-of-Service and secure confidential information in Java applications, secure sensitive objects, and secure serialization and deserialization. How to generate key pairs, verify signatures with the generated key pairs, and secure socket code is also covered.

1Z0-806 - Java SE 11 Programmer II: Database Applications

Explore the contents of the java.sql package, how various SQL types are mapped to classes and interfaces, and enhancements in the features of the javax.sql package. Examine the Enum classes and their uses in JDBC and RowSet objects that can be used to hold tabular data in Java SE 11. In addition, discover how to connect to databases, perform CRUD operations with PreparedStatement, perform database operations using PreparedStatement and CallableStatement, work with DatabaseMetaData and ParameterMetaData interfaces, and use RowSet objects to manage data.

1Z0-806 - Java SE 11 Programmer II: Localization in Java

Explore the concept of localization in Java SE 11, including locale management, using the Locale class, and resource bundles and their uses. Discover how to format messages, dates, and numbers, as well as how to work with commonly used annotations and the Annotation package Enums. In addition, how to create and use resource bundles, apply annotations to classes and methods, and build and declare custom annotations is also covered.


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